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Repeat prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

The practice requires 48 hours notice for repeat prescriptions.

You can either send it to the surgery with a stamped address envelope or hand it in to reception.

If you do not have a tick sheet, written requests will be accepted and issued where appropriate.

Alternatively, you can now use the new Online Patient Access System to order your medication.

Online Service:Patient Access or by Telephone:0141 959 2118ry 

Registering patients

How to Register with a GP

When you attend the practice and request to join the practice, you will be given a registration document. This will ask you some basic details, name, date of birth, address and the name of your last doctor. You will be asked to complete this along with a general health questionnaire which should be given to the practice when you attend for your new patient medical.

If you would like to change your doctor, but are having problems registering at another practice, by telephoning the Health Board you will be allocated a new GP.

Telephone number : 0141 300 1300

Our practice boundaries fall in postal areas G13 3 and G13 4

However, we are happy to give consideration to those patients sitting on the boundary.

Although registered with a particular doctor, you are free to attend any doctor of your choice within the practice.

Making an appointment


lease phone the practice or present to the front desk between 8.30-11.30 am Monday to Friday with any medical issues. Your name will be added to a list for a call back from the practice on the same day. We cannot guarantee a time for the call back. The GP will assess you over the phone in the first instance to decide if your issue can be dealt with on the phone or if a face to face appointment is indicated. All face to face appointments are arranged directly through the GP. If you have any difficulty communicating then please present to the front desk between 08.30-11.30am to leave your name and any language or communication requirement you have for the GP to make contact with you.

Please do not phone or present after 11.30am unless you feel your issue is a medical emergency. If it is deemed not to be an emergency you will be asked to call back the following morning..

Telephone:0141 959 2118

Online Service: Patient Access

The practice uses textphone for those patients who are unable to hear and will be able to arrange an appointment via this method.

Early Bird Appointments

The practice run an early morning surgery ‘early birds’ from 07.00 am to 08.30 am on a Wednesday morning (fortnightly). To book, please ask for an early-bird appointment.

Contacting the Surgery

If you would like time to speak to any other member of staff, including our reception staff you can telephone the practice between 08.30 am and 6.00 pm (Except Tuesdays when we close at 12.00) You can speak to our Receptionists face to face at these times. All our reception staff work part-time and am/pm shifts. If the person you wish to speak with is not available, a message will be left for them at the practice to contact you.

Out of Hours

The practice is closed between 6.00 pm and 08.30 am every day, except Tuesday when we close at 12 noon. Medic Call, the company we use on our half day will deal with any emergency you may have. They will deal with your telephone call and contact the doctor if necessary. Alternatively you may wish to use the NHS 24 help line.

NHS 24 on 111.

For more information please go to www.nhs24.com

Visit NHS 24 at www.nhs24.com or Call NHS 24 on 111


It is our policy only to visit people at home who are housebound due to medical problems or terminally ill.

If you are housebound or too ill to attend the surgery, please telephone between 08.30 and 10.00am. The Receptionist will take the details and pass them on to the Doctor. It may not be possible to request a particular doctor on these occasions. If an emergency arises during the day that may require a visit then telephone 0141 959 2118.

Our District Nursing Staff, provide nursing care to patients within their own homes if they are unable to come to the surgery. This will be arranged by either Dr. Gemie or Dr Smith.

Help us to Help You

In the time that a doctor can see one person at home, they can have seen up to about 4 patients in the surgery. Often it is traveling to a patient’s home that takes the time. We also cannot take all the facilities available to us at the surgery out on our home visits.

Visits are one of the privileges of the NHS; they are not a patient right. We are very happy to visit where there is a medical reason to do so, but not where the reason is either social or convenience. We find that people request home visits because they don’t want to pay for a taxi (but are happy to do so for a haircut), or because it is raining or more convenient. It is almost never appropriate to visit children at home – coming out in the cold is not going to affect them if they are properly dressed.

It is important that we are fair to everyone. Wasting time on unnecessary home visits can delay someone else getting (sometimes life-saving) treatment they need.

Finding the practice

Practice accessibility

Practice accessibility

Access for disabled patients is available at Yokermill Medical Practice and a specially designed toilet is available within our surgery 

Hearing Loops are also available for patients who have difficulty hearing.

If you require any further specific help, please ask at reception.


The practice has a small car park with approximately 8 spaces and 2 disables bays.

Please not the Practice does not accept any responsibility for any damage, accidents or losses. Users of the practice car park do so at their own risk.

About our practice

Practice Update

COVID Vaccinations, Exemption Certificates and Vaccination Proof

Vaccinating 12 to 15 year old's

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised that young people aged 12 to 15 at an increased risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) should be offered the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

This includes children and young people with:

  • severe neuro-disabilities
  • Down's syndrome
  • underlying conditions resulting in immunosuppression
  • a diagnosis of learning/intellectual disability

NHS Scotland will contact all elligible patients in due course. More information can be found at https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/invitations-and-appointments/vaccinating-12-to-15-year-olds

It has come to our attention that some airlines are asking their customers to provide an exemption letter from their GP before they agree to them flying without a face mask.

Unfortunately this is not something your GP can provide. Please DO NOT contact the Practice regarding this. 

As per Scottish Government, exemption certificates are not required, however, should you need this for travel purposes for any Airline you can request a free face covering exemption card by phoning 0800 121 6240 or through the NHS Scotland exemption care Website www.exempt.scot






IF YOU REQUIRE TO UPDATE YOUR COVID VACCINATION administered in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland




Covid Booster and Flu Vaccination - Winter 2021.

All eligible patients will be called by letter in due course. DO NOT CONTACT THE GP PRACTICE.

Appointment letters will start to be issued from the 25th September beginning with the elderly and most vulnerable and continuing through November. If you are Housebound you will also be contacted by the Vaccination Nursing Team to arrange a suitable visit time

For more information please visit : https://www.nhsggc.org.uk/your-health/health-issues/covid-19-coronavirus/for-patients-the-public/covid-vaccinations/

If you wish to change your appointment - you can do this by contacting the national COVID-19 Vaccination Helpline(0800 030 8013) or by going on-line at https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/invitations-and-appointments/rearrange-or-opt-out-of-your-coronavirus-vaccination-appointment

Patient Charter

 PATIENT RIGHTS (Scotland) Act 2011

The Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 supports the Scottish Governments vision for a high quality, person-centred NHS. The Act applies to every member of staff working for NHS Scotland, and for all independent contractors and their staff who provide NHS services.

HealthCare Principles

The Act states that everyone involved in the delivery of NHS services in Scotland, and their employers, must uphold a set of Healthcare Principles that underpin quality care and treatment. Providers fo NHS services throughout the country practice these principles every day, and now the Act sets them out in law.

The Principles Cover:

Patient Focus

Each patient’s needs, circumstances, opinions and abilities must be taken into account when they receive healthcare. Privacy and confidentiality should be respected and patients should receive any support they need to enable them to access healthcare.

Quality Care and Treatment

Healthcare should be based on current clinical guidelines and standards and should be provided in such a way as to avoid any unnecessary harm or injury to the patient. Healthcare providers should consider the range of treatment options available to the patient.

Patient Participation

Patients should be encouraged to take part in decisions about their health and wellbeing, and given any information or support that they need. They should be encouraged to treat healthcare staff with dignity and respect.


Patients should be communicated with in a way that they can understand and healthcare staff should make sure that the patient has understood the information given.

Patient Feedback

All staff should be able to listen and respond to feedback, comments and concerns appropriately, effectively and efficiently. They should also ensure that complaints are dealt with according to the NHS complaints procedure.

Best Use of Resources

Healthcare staff and patients should make sure that resources are used as efficiently as possible.